I grew up in the Yorkshire Dales and my back yard was full of wildlife, history and geology.

I spent my early days watching wild life and understanding how it works, I was fortunate to have good role models from parents to farmers game keepers and river wardens.

I probably took it for granted that every one watched Ospreys on there morning walk to school.

My first job was working in the forestry business. I would watch grouse on the lecks while we had morning tea.

Mull has been a part of me since I could walk, the Tour of Mull rally brought us here, we fell in love with Mull and the Rally. I competed as soon as I had a license. We won the rally in 1992 with my Dad navigating. Don’t worry we won’t be going that fast.

My life took me to Australia where we ran a successful cattle and sheep property, and we were surrounded by a whole new type of wildlife.

But Mull always had a hold on me and the decision was made to move here and see what happened.

It was only a matter of time before I started passing on my Nature lore as others had to me. Our trips can be tailored to what you want.

And for the Australians we can take you to the Lachlan Macquarie mausoleum.